Our 6th Benefit – 2pm, Oct 19th (Sat) at Trinity

Oct 19th Beatles Concert-PosterWhidbey Japan Friends Presents

The Beatles Sing Along Japan-Haiti Benefit Concert

Come & reminisce back to your younger days!

Trinity Lutheran Church (Click below for the map)
18341 HWY 525, Freeland

Why Beatles?

  1. We were just in the Beatles’s 50th Anniversary year.  The Beatles released the first record in October, 1963.
  2. Japanese love Beatles and so do you. : )
  3. We just want to get together & have fun and send donations to disaster survivors in Japan and Haiti.

Donation Destinations
The benefit is for:

  • Remembering the remaining 286,000 evacuees (as of 9/25/13) from the 2011 Japan Earthquake and 360,000 evacuees from the 2010 Haiti Earthquake.
  • And a fund-raiser – three quarters of donations will be sent to Taiyo-no-ie (Sun House) Project. For details, please see this page.  Our original donation destination, Japan Lutheran Emergency Relief (JLER) will end their relief efforts next March and they recommended this cause for us. JLER has accomplished a lot and we will introduced their achievements at the event.   One quarter of donations will be sent to Haiti through Lutheran World Relief.

Sushi Fund-raiser
Please help us with 100 preorder goal. As of Oct 14th, we have 7 more boxes to go! Contact 360-341-1817 or whidbeyjapanfriends[AT}gmail.com to order.


Wild salmon, bean-curd (age), basil-tomato-cheese sushi rolls, together with edamame (soy bean in a pod), daikon salad with tahini dressing and fruit. GLUTEN FREE and a VEGETARIAN box is also available.

This page shows last year’s event.

Hopefully see you all!

Many Whidbey Japan Friends

March 10th Huge Grassroots Japan benefit event in Seattle

I am helping Akiko from the Japan-America Society of the State of Washington (JASSW),  the organizer of a huge Japan benefit event in Seattle, that will be held this coming Sunday.  I wrote the very first press release for them and JASSW edited and completed it. The scale of this event is huge – so many things are happening and it took me some time to grasp them. : )

I also translated a Japanese message from Mr. Kakiuchi, Director of the Kobe Trade Information Office into English subtitles. The message is about the 1995 Kobe Earthquake and how their experiences,  going through that devastating situation, ruined lives, emergency relief efforts, reconstruction and rebuilding stages, are helping and will help the Tohoku Earthquake survivors. I also learned the strong bond between Kobe and Seattle.  Let me paste the poster and press release.  – rumi
JASSW Shout Out-PosterFor Immediate Release

Japan-America Society of the State of Washington Commemorates the 2nd Anniversary of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.

March 10, 2013, 9am to 3:30pm
Nico Nico Douga live streaming starts at 11am
Fisher Pavilion, Seattle Center, WA

A big grassroots event organized by Japan-America Society of the State of Washington (JASSW) titled “Shout Out to Japan! – Cheers from Seattle” will take place from 9am to 3:30pm at Fisher Pavilion, Seattle Center.

The whole event has a unique format using social networking services (SNS) such as Facebook, twitter and live streaming by Nico Nico Douga starting at 11am PT ending at 3:30pm PT. Activities begin at 9 am with sponsor booths and initial presentations.  JASSW has set a goal of 80,000 viewers to watch the event on social networking sites.  A 30 member volunteer team called “Team SNS” be at Sea-Tac Airport bringing their own laptops in an effort to get cheer messages from the public and send them out to the world.   Continue reading

Head of OasisLife Care came to Seattle.

Last November, my choir, Sound Singers had a fund raising concert for OasisLife Care, a small relief organization in Miyagi. And the head of the organization came to Seattle for the first time and shared his stories of their relief efforts at a Japanese church in Kirkland.

I happened to contact him by email one week before his visit and found out his plan. That was the 2nd time I contacted him after the November’s concert.  I am not a Christian but I felt “God” : )  I will also call “God” “the willing power of Universe.” I am glad I went there. I reassured that he is a great communicator.  He was soft spoken and we were engaged in his deep and warm massages. His photos shown on the screen brought us to the area.   And the relay work during his sermon between him and the interpreter, another pastor from Boston was “divine.” I have to use this word. It was very very smooth and communicating well.

You can listen to his talk (sermon) in this link.

I resonated with what he said a lot. If you are reading this, you should especially listen to his “well” story! : ) It is toward the ending.  It is for both Japanese and English speakers.

Interview with Mari from Peace Winds America

photoI happened to help at the Peace Winds donation table during the January 12th Song of Hope Japan benefit event. And  Fumi, the organizer of the event and I had a 3 hour interview or we should say “chat” with Mari Poorman, who spent 18 months in the earthquake affected area on Peace Winds recovery efforts after the Tohoku Earthquake. Our chat was focused around solely what is going on there in Tohoku.
This is what I wrote to Mari after the meeting.

人々をつなげていろいろ実現なさっている様子、尊敬の念で聞かせていただきました。 希望を感じるお話が印象に残っています。 一次産業の人々の強さ、向洋高校の校長先生とこちらの学校の先生との交流、ミサンガおばさんたちのまかない食ビジネスなどなど、光を感じました。 これからも、傍観させてください。 なんと3時間もお話を伺っていたのでした。あっと言う間でした。 ほんとうにありがとうございました!

You have connected the right people with the right people and made things happen. I was listening to you,  feeling respect. Your stories of hope were memorable – People in the primary industries, such as fishing and agriculture have inner strength, cultural exchanges between the principal of Koyo high school in the tsunami affected area and teachers of schools in the Seattle area, middle aged women starting their food business, etc. I felt “light.”  Please let me continue observing your activities. I realized now we spent three hours chatting. Time flew. Thank you so much.

MLK – Great Communicator, Ora Huston’s speech

I feel MLK spirit and feeling for supporting the 2011 Japan earthquake survivors come from the same peace seeking mind. The video below shows the speech of Ora Huston, a guest speaker of the 2011 Whidbey MLK event at St. Augustine’s. I  just finished creating this video on MLK day this year. Please enjoy. Ora Huston is a respectable communicator.   Rumi

Songs of Hope’s 4th Japan Benefit concert

I attended Songs of Hope‘s 4th Japan benefit concert on January 12th and helped at Peace Winds America‘s donation table. It was good to know Mari Poorman of Peace Winds who lived in the disaster area for more than a year after the earthquake.  As for the concert,  the marimba performance by Memi was especially magical. And it was nice to see many Japanese people coming to the event showing their interest in Tohoku. Fumi, a Songs of Hope member was the main organizer for this big event. Fumi san, otsukare sama deshita!


Mari from Peace Winds in the middle and Kyoko from Sound Singers on the right

I was also the contact person between Sound Singers and Song of Hope – more than a dozen Sound Singers helped them with program distribution, ushering, the bake sale and setting. Sound Singers are such helpful people!         -rumiSongOfHope-Jan12-2013